BIG4 Port Fairy caravan Park staff tips

This week get get some rather insightful commentary from Kathleen. There is not much the Kathleen does not know about Port Fairy. So when you make a booking and you are lucky enough to get Kathleen on the phone make sure you get all of the local information you can! Kathleen spends most of her time in reception guiding our guests to their accommodation.

1.When you come to BIG4 Port Fairy don`t forget……….

Kathleen – To Be Awesome——- like my self! ( Editor Nice start Kathleen very understated!)

2.Food Craving

Kathleen – Snakes in the Lolly bin at work are pretty yummy…… you know they yell out to eat me sometimes ………… they really do! (Editor mmm ok do they whisper as well?)

3.Awesome PF winter tip/s

Kathleen – A brisk walk around Griffith Island . Now that gets the Heart pumping!

4.Awesome PF summer tips

Kathleen – SP 50
40 degree day fish and chips from the East Beach Chippery taken up to the beach in the evening to enjoy with a cold drink (that would be a mineral water).

5.Awesome PF school holiday tips

Kathleen – Winter – never get out of bed too early (love my bed)
Summer -Walks around town

6.Coffee or tea

Kathleen -Is Irish Coffee allowed? (Editor – No but apparently mineral water is.)

7.Did your parent’s car have a vinyl bench seat in the back to burn your legs in summer?

Kathleen – In My parents day we only had banana Boxes- the splinters were a treat -no burns though!

8.Most memorable guest

Kathleen -They are all memorable, but one that does stand is the lady that hired a site to put her new $100,000 Mercedes 4 wheel drive on so it would be safe. A kid ran a go-kart into it, What are the odds?

9.Favourite Holiday Spot

Kathleen – Just to get a short break -I think it is hard to go past the Grampians , what a great spot to have an hour or so away. Such a contrast to the coast.

10.Favourite Road Trip
Kathleen – What happens on the Road trip stays on the Road trip…… you know that Mr Editor! 😊😊