BIG4 Port Fairy caravan Park staff tips

Today, BIG4 Port Fairy Holiday Park Manager – Rohan provides us with some wonderful thoughts on Port Fairy and life in general. Rohan is the Park Manager, but in a way he is much more than that. He is a funny man, mostly when he is not meaning to be, which is very amusing for the rest of us. He does take his job seriously and always ensures that our guests have a great time with a great big smile on his face.

We thought we would ask Rohan some simple questions to get his Port Fairy Tips!

Q. Rohan can you tell us the one thing that you should not forget when you come to BIG4 Port Fairy?

Rohan- ” To bring me a bottle of something and to pop into Blarney Books to chill out for a while. Books are great, every one of them is a journey and this little spot is a hidden gem.”

Q.Favourite food craving in Port fairy?

Rohan – “Take away food is fabulous in Port Fairy. In fact it is so good that after 3 years of living in Port Fairy and I have put on 3 stone. This is a testament to the fine take away food. Whether it be the steak and bacon pies at Cobbs Bakery – 2 at a time in separate bags so they don`t think that I am eating both myself. I would eat the Vanilla Slices as well but I am hanging out until they cover them in batter!”

“You could also try the East Beach Fish n Chips where the potato cakes are a meal on their own or Red Hen where my kids go silly for the chips and gravy.”

Q. Your awesome Port Fairy Winter Tips?

Rohan – “No one ever got sun burnt in winter. Our families winter philosophy is have thermals will travel, the oceans at its best when it`s roaring in winter dress the part and your laughing.”

Q. Your awesome Port Fairy Summer Tips?

Rohan – ” Swim early and swim late – stay cool during the afternoon and if you see a 103 stone Holiday Park Manager coming at you on a body board say G`day!”

Q. Awesome Port Fairy School Holiday Tips

Rohan – “Everyone knows the beaches are beautiful and clear in summer, but try getting your scavenger hat on and find some shells, do some “Pintresting” research and come up with your own piece of Port Fairy beach art.”

Q. Coffee or Tea

Rohan – “My personal favourite is the Driftwood Cafe with Ally and the girls. Try some of the homemade lemon and coconut slices washed down with a latte or 5, surely then you can kick your way through the remainder of the day.

Q. Did your parents car have a vinyl bench seat in the back to burn your legs in summer?

Rohan – “Ours was a Kombi, with 5 kids in the car, it wasn`t summer unless Dad could do skin grafts straight off the back seat. This was quite a challenge for a family of Red heads!”

Q. Most memorable guest?

Rohan – ” Two German men who camped one August rang me at 3.00 am in tears. When I arrived they were huddled in the camp kitchen pointing at the paddock at the back of the park. I soon realised that their roof top tent had blown off and was now free wheeling its way across parkland.”

9 Favourite Holiday Spot?

Rohan – ” I came to Port Fairy on Holidays and stayed, so l love it here. But the Greek Islands are hard to beat!

10. Favourite Road Trip

Rohan – “I went on a rights of passage trip to the Whitsundays when I was 17 with seven of my closest friends. After two days things began to fall apart and we started bickering as we were forbidden entry to most of the Islands. The conflict continued amongst us until Big Dave threw us all into the sea and wouldn`t let us back on to the boat until we had all cooled down.”

Well done Big Dave!

Thanks Rohan we look forward to catching up with you and the team some time soon.