Winter at Port fairy caravan park
So the earth has titled a little and currently points us more away from the sun than towards it. Yes winter is here. Winter is necessary for all sorts of reasons. I think the most important reason is to give the birds a break, not a long one, but a break from laying eggs, building nests and raising young. I`d guess birds spend about 6 months of the year doing this. So I was surprised just last week when I watched a Magpie fly over the road with some sticks and what looked like bailing twine in its beak, to, I presume build this years nest!

“Oh look a Magpie! What is going on with that Magpie?” You know how it is – busy day managing a caravan park with not much room for random thoughts. Well, no not really, not this day, I had lots of random thoughts. I moved on to my next meeting in Warrnambool.

Fast forward and that night I was watching one of those fantastic documentaries by Sir David Attenborough.

Picture this – cooking dinner in one of our awesome Albatross Cabins I had launched into my best impression of his fantastic voice, (c`mon we`ve all had a go at that right?). Anyway the potatoes and sausages were taking on a whole new persona under my withering commentary, when suddenly a light bulb went off – booming and crackling, no not in the cabin – in my mind. A bit of an hysterical opera of neurons. Sir David was talking about Bears and how they hibernate – sleep all winter. Are you with me…all winter.

Which one am I? Which one are you? Never mind don`t answer that yet. Port Fairy and BIG4 Port Fairy Holiday Park I think have you covered on both fronts. Bird or Bear? Lets have a look at whats on offer.


Griffith Island and Beaches
Day Trips
Arts and Crafts
Rail Trail
Bird (Magpies Included) Watching
Fishing and Whale Watching Charters


Bank St and Co Coffee Kitchen
Basalt Wines – Winery Restaurant
Drift Wood Cafe
East Beach Fish and Chips
Commercial Hotel Koroit
Port Fairy Confectionery
Rebecca`s Cafe and Ice Creamery
The Red Hen
The Village Bakehouse
The Wharf @ Port Fairy
Time and Tide Restaurant
Macarthur Pub

So you can hibernate with us at BIG4 Port Fairy Holiday Park while you “bird” around our wonderful region. Filling your days with that lovely embrace that the people and the place that is Port Fairy can give you.

Don`t forget once you get back to the park after the food, coffee and exploration, waiting for you are the indoor heated pool, the pump track, the great accomodation options, Monkeys and Mermaids Play Centre all at the Park.

So Bird or Bear? It`s your choice. I`d suggest to get the best out of your break with us that you do a little bit of both. After all the options for both are endless.