Bird Watching

Victoria has a diverse range of habitats for such a condensed area and has many areas where large bird congregations can be seen.

Some of the unique species in the region include:

  • Little Penguin

    Little Penguin

    The Little Penguin is the smallest of the world’s 17 penguins and the only one which breeds in Australia. The male is a little larger…

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  • Cape Barren Goose

    Cape Barren Goose

    The Cape Barren Goose is about the same size as a domestic goose. It has pale grey plumage with black markings near the tips of…

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  • Hooded Plover

    Hooded Plover

    Scientific Name: (Thinornis rubricollis) In eastern Australia, the Hooded Plover inhabits sandy ocean beaches that are exposed to the constant might of the swell. There…

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  • Red-capped Plover

    Red-capped Plover

    Scientific Name: (Charadrius ruficapillus)The Red-capped Plover is the most common and widespread of Australia’s beach-nesting shorebirds. They occur along virtually the entire Australian coastline.

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  • Powerful Owl

    Powerful Owl

    Scientific Name: (Ninox strenua)The largest of Australia’s owls, the Powerful Owl usually inhabits the moist forests of eastern Australia. Its main item of prey is…

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  • Superb Lyrebird

    Superb Lyrebird

    Scientific Name: (Menura novaehollandiae)The superb lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) is an Australian songbird, one of two species from the family Menuridae. It is one of the…

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  • Ground Parrot

    Ground Parrot

    Scientific Name: (Pezoporus wallicus)The Ground Parrot lives mostly in dense coastal and subcoastal heathlands, sedgelands and buttongrass plains, where there is a high diversity of…

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  • Orange-bellied Parrot

    Orange-bellied Parrot

    Scientific Name: (Neophema chrysogaster) Fascinatingly one of the only parrots in the World that migrates each year between feeding grounds and breeding grounds. The Orange-bellied…

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  • Swift Parrot

    Swift Parrot

    Scientific Name: (Lathamus discolor) Another migrating parrot. Swift Parrots breed only in Tasmania and then fly across Bass Strait to forage on the flowering eucalypts…

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  • Turquoise Parrot

    Turquoise Parrot

    Scientific Name: (Neophema pulchella) The Turquoise Parrot favours open, grassy woodland with dead trees near permanent water. It also inhabits coastal heaths and pastures with…

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  • Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (Southern subspecies)

    Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (Southern subspecies)

    Scientific Name: (Calyptorhynchus banksii graptogyne) A large, noisy bird with a distinctive call (‘karak, karak’) and a crest that can be brought above the head…

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